About company

The story of Bon Boisson

20 year old production traditions


access to contiguous market, launch of low alcohol cocktails TROPIC BAR and Black Alco


market launch of Bon Lemon lemonades, natural, made according to the European traditions with an explicit lemon flavor without artificial colorants and flavors.


The company acquires the Novomoskovsk mineral waters plant, from that year 100% of the Bon Boisson water is extracted from the Novotroitsk mineral source in the resort area Salt Liman and bottled directly in the place of the extraction


Due to the combination of production technologies and marketing strategies for the first time in Ukraine the energy drink in PET packaging, TM Black, entered the market. The strategy was successful, today the “Black” is No.1 in sales among the energy drinks in Ukraine (according to Nielsen Inc.)


commissioning of the second production line, expanding the range of lemonades.


the market launch of the legendary Golden Series of lemonades with classic flavors. Many generation of Ukrainians grew up on them and this series has become the unconditional leader in the 20 years of its existence in the segment of classic lemonades.


start of production in Dnepropetrovsk. The first product of the company was the water Bon Boisson which is still present in the brand portfolio and has gone through many changes over the past 20 years.