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Mineral water

Novomoskovsk Mineral Waters Plant

The plant for the extraction and bottling of mineral water in Novomoskovsk was opened in 1961, the first well was drilled even earlier, in 1954.

55 years

of the constant water quality

3 billion

liters of natural water produced since the launch of the plant

0 m

the distance from the place of extraction to the bottling line

The well from which the Bon Boisson mineral water is extracted is located in the nature-protected resort area.

Water is extracted from the peleogenic aquifer aged more than 66 million years ago.

Natural water is bottled directly at the extraction site without any intervention. This means that the first contact between a person and water occurs at the moment of opening the cap.


The imported equipment has been installed in the  plant complying with ISO 22000 standards to ensure the preservation of the natural characteristics of water.



The unchanged composition of water has been recorded for over 50 years by the Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and Balneology which annually takes water samples from the well for examination.

The company has its own laboratory certified by the Ministry of Health (certificate No. ПЧ - 198/2011)  that provides round-the-clock monitoring of the composition of water.