Mineral water

Natural mineral water is bottled in the resort area directly at the extraction site. According to the results of annual studies, our water for more than 50 years has a constant mineral composition, which is optimally suited to each family member.

Due to its low mineralization, the natural water Bon Boisson has no contraindications and restrictions in use.

Bon Boisson Balance

TM BON BOISSON BALANCE is a natural mineral water with the addition of juice.

Beverages of TM BON BOISSON BALANCE have not only  balanced taste of fruit juice and natural mineral water but also lower calorie values, only 11 kcal per 100 ml. Thus, you can enjoy delicious natural mineral water with a minimum amount of calories!

BON BOISSON BALANCE is the balance of natural water and taste of fruits!

Classical lemonades

In the distant 1998, the first bottles of BON BUSONSON Golden series of drinks came off the bottling line, created on the basis of GOST standards and the standards of the 70s and 80s of the last century. Over the past 20 years these tastes have become the Gold Standard in the market of our country taking the  first place in the segment of traditional lemonades. Their recipes remain unchanged, as well as the love of our consumers.

Today Bon BOSSON lemonade is not just retro-lemonade of the Soviet period, this is CLASSICAL LEMONADE WITH ITS OWN REPUTATION AND HISTORY.

In 2018, they find a new look and continue to delight their consumers with stable quality, refreshing, toning taste and bright modern design!

Juice containing drinks

 Juice  containing beverages BON BOISSON JUICE are made on natural syrups and artesian water with the addition of fruit juice according to the government standards.

The originality of the tastes is emphasized by the unique design of each label which the artist drew with pencils, inspired by the country of origin of each individual fruit.

BON BOISSON JUICE is the best tastes from around the world!

Beverages Finest Drinks

The Bon Boisson company presents a new line of sweet drinks - TM BON BOISSON FINEST DRINKS. For this line, we have selected the most popular drinks from around the world. Then, they finalized their recipes and presented their own collection of famous drinks in the original recipe from the Bon Boisson company. The line includes six popular drinks. Everyone can find a drink in it to their liking and to their mood.

Lemonades Bon Lemon

European homemade lemonades inspired us to create unusual flavors. But the classic recipes in which lemons, water and sugar are mixed, were not enough for us. Thus we decided to give them such individual taste in the form of raspberries, elderberries, ginger and strawberries with basil.

So we got lemonades BON LEMON made on artesian water with the addition of lemon juice using only natural flavors and colorants.

It is worth to try these combinations of tastes because our lemonades has no analogues in Ukraine!

Black Natural Energy

The innovative energy drink BLACK NATURAL ENERGY was developed for those who maintain a high pace of life, but choose only natural resources for themselves. Natural energy derived from green coffee beans and guarana will help maintain vitality throughout the day. Fruit flavors exclusively based on natural flavors will favorably distinguish this series from its synthetic counterparts.

Black Energy Drink

Energy drinks TM BLACK is a drink containing tonic substances that increase efficiency and attention, stimulating the internal reserves of the body. The use of the energy drink BLACK is recommended in the period of short-term excessive physical and stresses . Energy drinks have anti-sedative effect, in other words, they raise mood and tone. Thanks to these properties, young people increasingly consume energy drinks during communication and entertainment.

Beverages Chudo Sad

The drinks "Chudo Sad" ("Miracle Garden" combine favorite flavors of lemonade and fruit with a low-calorie formula. Therefore, they can be used even by those who watch their weight and waistranges. The additives of fruit juices and herbal extracts enrich the taste and flavor.

Lemonades "Chudo Sad" have proven themselves to be of high-quality and tasty that is confirmed by more than 9 years of sales experience.

The range combines traditional lemonades and fruit flavors.

Children's water Karapuz

Water for the smallest people from the first days of life. Safe and useful, suitable for cooking baby food.

Kvass Boyarsky

Invented more than a thousand years ago for its great taste and health-improving properties the kvass is nowadays a favorite folk drink.

Kvass of lively fermentation "Boyarsky", being made according to the traditional Slavic recipe,  embodies the best qualities inherent in this drink.

Non-alco cocktails Tropic Bar

The line of TM TROPIC BAR cocktails consists of five tastes known to the consumer, developed by the Swiss company GIVAUDAN.